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Welcome to Blackjack Zebra Finches!
We are a family-run business dedicated to the breeding and sales of pet birds. We specialize in the zebra finch, a unique species that is sure to bring intriguing sound and a splash of color to your home. Zebra finches come in a large array of colors. Our birds are bred with the utmost care and planning. Visit us today and find your new feathered friends!

There are more color mutations in Zebra Finches than I can list! So I have added a few photos to help you visualize them.

normal grey color male

normal grey males have orange cheeks

black cheek male

normal grey female?

considered a pied due to the white on wing

chestnut flanked white female

white feathers, dark eyes, dark tear stripe, bars on tail

pied female

bambi could see herself in my cell phone camera

more color mutations

Florida fancy hen with orange breast male

pied black cheek

black cheek pied male

black cheek fawn female

Some females have colored cheek patches

bc cfw

black cheeked chestnut flanked white male

black breast english female

light back english

male english zebra finch his white flank spots are heart shaped.

pied female with orange breast male

Blackjack's Aviary


female Gouldian

mutation: black head? yellow back lilac breast split to red head split to blue back


male Gouldian finch

mutation: red head/salmon head, blue back, lilac breast,

first Gouldian chicks

4 chicks!

1st Gouldian chicks

2 green, 1 yellow, 1 blue,

Lemmona & Arctic's first clutch



female gouldian

black head, blue back, purple breast, white belly


male Gouldian finch

grey/blue head, green back, purple breast, yellow belly,


male gouldian

red head,